Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More From Anderson Run

The creekbed here is solid rock of Pennsylvanian
age that stretches for about 150 feet.  The run is surrounded by a dense
stand of Black Walnut, Sugar Maple and and Honey Locust.  Special
thanks to Christine and Rodney Schneider for allowing me to cross their
property to access the run.

A vernal pool inhabitant that is about to undergo a major life
change! In a couple of days instead of swimming in the pool, this
individual will be taking up residence on land in the surrounding
vegetation. The long tail will be absorbed by the froglet's body and
will nourish it until it can effectively capture prey. Larval frogs
can be difficult to identify but I think this one is a Cope's Gray Treefrog
(Hyla chrysoscelis). Help me out here Greg!

More juvenile amphibians - this time a Green Frog (Rana clamitans).
This individual was hanging out in a small vernal pool next to the run. 
Periodic rains have made it a good year for vernal pools in the watershed.
Juvenile green frogs are abundant in streamside pools of this size though the 
mature individuals prefer larger permanant bodies of water .   


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