Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Belmont SWCD Legislator's Tour 2010

A special thanks to all who attended this morning's tour which
included a stop on the North Fork to observe some of the watershed's
diverse fish and macroinvertebrate populations.  Local politicians were
informed about the importance of maintaining high water quality standards
within the watershed as well as the factors that separate Captina Creek
from other local watersheds. 

An easy way to fish! Electroshocking is a quick and somewhat
non-invasive way of sampling a large pool.  A small bullhead was
found here along with several small bluegill and sunfish.
Some interesting macroinverts found in the creek.  Macro-
invertebrate specialist Chad Kenny fished these out then
presented their importance as indicators of water quality. My
favorite is the large helgramite.
OEPA biologist Kelly Capuzzi lectures politicians on the significance
of the watershed and the impact of increased sedimentation on the creek.
Kelly is a wealth of knowledge on water quality standards for streams
of the Flushing Escarpment.
 Commissioners Coffland and Favede inspect a small crayfish from
 the nearby shallows.  Ginny is enjoying Matt's story about catching
these as a kid.

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