Thursday, August 19, 2010

A bonus - two posts in one day! More from the Warfield Walk.....

Liverworts are simple plant colonies that prefer cool, damp rocks on
which to grow.  The rocks here are covered with this variety.  They
are also indicators of air quality.  This colony is about a foot across
in size. 

Along the banks in this section of creek are towering
white oaks, sugar maples and pignut hickories.  These trees
rise about 100 feet off of the creekbank and play a key
role in the ecosystem by shading the water and preventing
it from becoming excessivley warm.  The dense tree cover
along the creek is just one more factor that contributes to its
exceptional status. 

Look what Amelia & Co. found!  Unfortunately Captina is home to
the invasive Asiatic Carp as are most tributaries of the Ohio River. 
You can imagine the impact an invasive fish of this size can have on
a watershed's native inhabitants.  The fish are accidentally introduced
into large rivers then evetually settle into the deeper pools of the small
tribs in the watershed.  As with most invasives it is difficult to control their
numbers with no natural predators. 

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