September 2004 Flood Archive

An amazing aerial view of Powhatan Point near the crest of the Ohio river following the torrential rains of hurricane Ivan.  At the time of the photo the river was near 45.6 feet!!  As unreal as this sounds it still doesn't rival the record crest of 53 feet set in the epic 1936 flood.

In September of 2004 the Captina watershed was inundated with nearly 8 inches of rain in a week's time from the remnants of hurricanes Frances and Ivan. The intense rainfall was compounded by an already moderately-saturated soil from late August thunderstorms. Numerous roads were either washed out or buried under mudslides that in some cases brought down entire hillsides. It remains one of the worst flooding disasters on the creek in recent history with evidence still visible today. For an assessment of the event from FEMA and the US Geological Survey click this link.

Captina just below Town Hill.  In this
stretch the entire riparian corridor has been
flattened and uprooted.

Upstream from Moore Run.  The flooding
deposited several tons of sand in this
field.  Note the debris suspended in the
distant trees which are at least 100 ft from the

This tree was deposited next to SR 148
near the confluence of Pea Vine creek.  The
creek bank is about 20 feet behind.  Who knows
where it came from or how far it traveled!

The Lake Shawn levee collapsed into the
creek.  Notice the mangled gate in the debris.
the levee wall is at least 12 feet high.

The Powhatan marina dock - notice the
high water mark on the trees.
SR 148 at Town Hill Rd.  What a powerful
force to displace the pavement!

The Powhatan marina near the mouth of Captina.
Again note the discolored leaves of the willow tree
for a water mark.