Friday, February 17, 2012

Captina Creek Photo Contest

Get your cameras out and get ready to snap some pics. Captina Creek is having a photo contest and the winner will be announced at the 3rd Annual Captina Creek Watershed Rally featuring the always great Jack Hanna.
The photo contest will provide a great opportunity for the public to enjoy the nooks and crannies of Captina Creek that they may not have seen and allows us to enjoy the gem we call Captina Creek by viewing nature through the world of a camera.
 The water is clear, the fish are abundant and the health of the creek has never been better. Taking pictures of Captina Creek will reconnect us with nature and help us to realize the true beauty and majestic features of the creek that flows through are lives everyday.

            Deadline for photos is April 6, 2012

               You can find the entry form and photo submission directions       
               for the photo contest  at captina creek forms on the main blog page.

Captina Creek Mainstem.

The color was so fantastic , the way the sun ricocheted off the water brought out the many shades of aquablue and aquagreen. It truely was a natural wonder as I was flyfishing this wonderful creek. Standing knee deep in clear water, clear as the sky on a crisp, cool morning with the sun peaking above the hillside. Clear water, crisp air and a fly rod in my hand.........doesn't get much better than that !

Have Fun , Enjoy Captina Creek and Reconnect