Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slurry Spill Update Continued

More pics from the AEC slurry spill area along Captina Creek.

The lone remaining earthen dike approximately 1/8th of a mile east
of the SR 148 bridge  in western Washington Township.  The
dikes were bulldozed from substrate in the creekbed to slow the
progression of slurry-contaminated water downstream.  They
are a vital component of the cleanup process but their construction
is environmentally disruptive to creek habitat 

The main entrance to the spill cleanup area.  This creekside field
is over a thousand feet in length and has been graded and reseeded
following two weeks of heavy traffic from machinery.  Hopefully
some of the seed germinates before winter to reduce erosion and
sedimentation into the creek. 

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