Thursday, October 7, 2010

Much Needed Rains Help Spill Cleanup

The coal slurry spill cleanup effort continues along a portion of Captina Creek in Wayne and Washington  townships.  Thankfully the spill area has received about an inch of rain over the past two days aiding the cleanup by diluting the leftover solutes suspended in the creek. Check out the river gauge monitor at Armstrongs Mills in the side bar links.

The milkiness in the water is due to high amounts of clay in the slurry
mixture.  It is not as harmful to wildlife as the darker gray solutes
in the slurry but does travel further downstream.  This photo was taken
Friday morning at the confluence of Piney Creek and Captina in
western Washington township.

Captina rebounding after two days of steady rainfall.  This photo is from
Tuesday morning and shows the water clearing.  Certainly not the
same as prior to the spill but in much better condition compared to
Friday in terms of overall water quality.

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  1. Gosh, is there no place on earth left unaffected by us humans and our carelessness? :(

    Hope your part of nature recovers soon!