Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Captina Coal Slurry Spill 2010

On the morning of October 1st a pipe that transfers waste coal called "slurry" from the Century mine to OVCC #6 slurry impoundment pond ruptured allowing the substance to flow directly into the creek for a short period of time.  Mine officials were able to quickly contain the leak and efficiently clean the affected section of stream.  A map illustrating the contaminated area is shown below.

The effected zone, outlined in red, begins in eastern Wayne twp
and extends into western Washington twp. to the SR 148 bridge
Now that the spill has been removed from the creekbed officials from ODNR and EPA can begin to assess the impact of the event on the creek's ecosystem.  Fortunately the creek has shown an incredible resilience to such events in the past and has been able to quickly rebound primarily due to the limestone bedrock that buffers the water against sharp changes in pH. 


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  1. oh no! what horrible news! i hope that everything turns out ok. keep up the good work, Bryan!
    Maureen Wise, Huff Run Watershed