Tuesday, September 21, 2010

USGS Topographic Maps

Good morning!  I am a huge fan of mapping so I get excited about any new technology that arises in this field.  The USGS has recently released a series of 7.5 minute quadrangles from it's online website that cover much of the US free of charge.  The downloads are in pdf format but are spotty for the upper Ohio Valley.  Most of the western half of the Captina Watershed area is covered though.  The only missing quadrangle is from the watershed is Businessburg which should be online soon. 

Click on the link below to go to the USGS store then select the Map Locator tab.  Next click on Show US Topo and Digital Maps, zoom in on the area of interest and follow the directions in the righthand box to download.  Enjoy!

USGS Topo Maps

Note: The files are somewhat large so download times may vary.

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