Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2010 Drought Continues...

The drought that began in mid-July in eastern Ohio continues to persist and is starting to take its toll on the local foliage. Most of the vegetation is beginning to go dormant or die off completely except those closest to the mainstem tributaries of the watershed.

An up-close view of the drought's toll.  This black cherry tree
along SR 26 has dropped nearly all of its leaves.  Some
defoliation can be attributed to the fall webworm though.
The surrounding trees are about to follow the same route and
are unusually brown.

From the intersection of SR's 148 and 26 - The normally green
hillsides have taken on a yellowish brown tint as trees begin to
drop leaves to conserve water.  There hasn't been a rainfall
greater than .5 inches in the watershed since early August.

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