Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dysart Woods

Dysart Woods is an undisturbed, 55-acre tract of forest located in Smith township outside of Centerville. It is owned and managed by Ohio University as a field research facility and contains some of the largest diameter trees left in the Captina watershed.

It is not uncommon in the Dysart preserve to see old growth trees
like this white oak.  It is easily 8 feet dbh and 80-100 feet tall.  County
forester Nathan Taylor is impressed - tree hugger : )  

A rareity for the watershed - a native persimmon.
Persimmons produce edible fruit but Belmont County
is on the far northern reaches if its native range.
Note the squarish segments of bark that distinguishes
it from a black gum.  There are two mature persimmons
next to the blue trail of the preserve.

Dysart Woods is home to native black gum as well which is
identifiable by its thich, furrowed bark and deep red fall foliage.

The thick forest canopy traps moisture and creates ideal growing
conditions for a variety of mushrooms.  These are growing at the
base of a dogwood tree.

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