Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Not Far Off

Sunday's unexpected 60 degree warmth hinted that spring is not that far off.  Male bluedirds were observed singing on the margins of two fields and shoots of the usual early spring flowers are begining to emerge from the soil.  No wood frogs or chorus frogs were observed at a reliable vernal pool suggesting that wintry weather may not be done just yet.  Seasonal temperatures are forecast for this week with a gradual warmup toward the weekend.  The next sixty degree day could signal the mass emergence of early season  frogs and Ambystoma salamanders, especially if the warmth is accompanied by heavy rains as was the case Sunday night.  Some species to keep an eye out for over the next couple of weeks:
eastern bluebird
wood frog
spring peeper
spotted salamander
jefferson salamander
round-lobed hepatica
rue anemone
cut leaf toothwort
skunk cabbage

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