Monday, March 14, 2011

River Flood Recap

Following a week of two heavy rain events on saturated grounds the Ohio River crested Saturday evening at Powhatan Point at 38.5 feet, 1.5 ft. above flood stage.  Minor flooding was observed in low-lying areas near the mouth of Captina Creek.  A calmer weather pattern is forecast for this week with a warming trend towards weeks end.  Below are some photos taken Saturday afternoon preceding the crest. 

Looking north toward Cove Road from the beginning of SR 148.
The entire floodplain of Captina is submerged.  If you weren't
from the area you may mistake this as the Ohio River itself.
Looking downstream from the Steinersville bridge toward
Clair-Mar golf course.
West greens of Clair-Mar.
Clair-Mar golf course
A gauge of water depths.  This sycamore tree is on the original
creek bank.  It is submerged in at least 8-10' of water.
At 1:00pm Saturday the creek was encroaching on the SR 7
bridge and the edge of SR 148 in the foreground. 
Water street along Captina in Powhatan is aptly named!
The Powhatan marina viewed from Water Street. 

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