Friday, September 30, 2011

Getting to Know Your Watershed

Hello to all faithful followers of the gem of the state....Captina Creek Watershed.

The blog is back and ready to inform the masses with Stephen Ferrante and his boy steering the Captina ship.

Stephen Ferrante : Watershed Coordinator
Ruari Ferrante : Co - Captain

A few things...

Captina Creek is the hidden gem in the state of Ohio. A few reasons why :
1. Highest IBI in the state 55.1 out of 60
2. Several tributaries are designated cold water habitats due to the salamander and aquatic insects  found in the creek

Every two weeks I will present a different tributary of Captina Creek. There are 27 named tributaries so get ready to learn, explore and enjoy one of the last remnant stream systems in Ohio.

The week of October 3rd I will post factual info and pics of Anderson Creek  tributary # 1 !

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