Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jack Hanna Visits Captina Creek

Last night a crowd of between five and seven hundred people gathered at Ohio University Eastern to show support for the Captina Creek watershed.  Attendees enjoyed a 45 minute presentation by "Jungle" Jack Hanna which included video segments and several unique animals from around the globe.  Thirty exhibitors from various state and local entities were also on hand to provide educational information from different watersheds statewide.  The event was intended to raise awareness about Captina Creek's unique ecosystems and exceptional water quality which is comparable to the best streams in the state.  Here are some photos from last night:

EJ and Kim from OUE make last minute adjustments to the audio.

Monday Creek's booth attended by Nathan Schlater.

Raccoon Creek Partnership's booth attended by Amy Mackey.

Maggie Corder, watershed coordinator for Yellow Creek in
Jefferson County.

Oglebay Good Zoo's Vicki Markey-Tekely (holding lizard).

Impressive aerial map of the Captina Creek watershed
constructed by students from Olney Friends School.

Jack Hanna addressing the importance of Captina Creek.

One of Jack's animal friends from Africa.

A crowd favorite, especially with the kids.

Jack mingles with fans following the program.

Following the program, Jack was invited to speak to a group
of land owners from the Captina Creek watershed at a dinner
organized by the Captina Conservancy.  The Conservancy
used the dinner as a formal launching for their organization
which promotes the establishment of a private land trust
for residents of the watershed.  Approximately 50 people
attended the meeting which was organized by Kraig McPeek
of USFWS (standing behind Jack). 

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