Thursday, December 2, 2010

Flooding Update

Yesterday officials from the National Weather Service were concerned that the Ohio river may exceed flood stage at Powhatan Point (37') due to excessive rainfall.  Early this morning the river flood warning was cancelled as officials revised their forecast and predicted the river to crest at 36' at Powhatan Point Thursday afternoon (advanced hydrologic prediction center).  The official crest won't be known until later today.  Check out the five record river crests for Powhatan Point.  This event may threaten fifth place but is nowhere near the top four floods of all time.

Date                                Crest (feet)

March 19th, 1936               53.30

September 19th, 2004        45.60

January 21st, 1996             44.70

January 7th, 2005               42.65

January 6th, 2004               36.80

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